Cara Neir unleash fiery emotion, metallic sparks on new ‘Portals to a Better, Dead World’

Meat Mead Metal

Cara NeirComplaining about the current state of much of the metal scene has become a tireless topic over here, and sorry about all of that, but it’s not likely to change. But considering the feedback I get and that numbers here are growing, perhaps you feel the same way. Too much music sounds the same way, which isn’t good, and there is a lack of spark from so many albums I hear. Where is the passion?

Say what you want about Texas duo Cara Neir, debate what kind of metal they make, figure out if it works for you or not, but don’t question their passion. Holy hell, man, the emotion is overflowing with these two guys, and even if you don’t prefer their style of metal, you can’t deny these guys mean every second, every ounce, and every word. They are explosive, they bubble to the surface with feelings, and…

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