Halo of Flies to Release LOCKTENDER/AMBER Split April 1, 2014

For Immediate Release:
Halo of Flies to Release LOCKTENDER/AMBER Split April 1, 2014
NEW YORK CITY – German post-metal project AMBER and concept-driven Cleveland hard-hitters LOCKTENDER have teamed up for one hell of a dark horse 7″ split to be released on April 1, 2014 by Halo of Flies in the US, Zegema Beach in Canada, and I Corrupt and Narshardaa in Europe. Preorders begin on March 1, 2014.

On its latest split, Amber stated the following: “The new material has gone into a much darker and heavier direction than the past two releases. Although this was not intended when we wrote it, it turned out to fit perfectly to Julian’s voice. The track on this 7” is a good example of this newfound heaviness. Both the music and the lyrics sound like someone ripped out the happy, melodic parts and replaced it with something dark and evil.” Amber’s side of the split was recorded and mixed by Lukas Wiesemüller at Raum 7 Studio and mastered by Role at Die Tonmeisterei.

On its contribution, Locktender explained the meaning behind the track: ” ‘The Piazza’ weaves themes from the Herman Melville short story of the same name with personal thoughts of wanderlust and homesickness experienced when entering enticing, yet foreign, lands. The concept of “home” always seems to be rooted in one physical stationary point; ‘The Piazza’ implies that the journey to find one’s self, and the people met therein, are equally important”

1000 copies of the split will be pressed, 700 on black and 300 on white with artwork by Michael Donaldson of Thee Ruiner.


Labels: Halo of Flies (US) / Zegema Beach (CAN) / I Corrupt (GER) / Narshardaa (GER)

1000 copies.
700 black, 300 white
Michael Donaldson @ Thee Ruiner (http://theeruiner.wordpress.com/)


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