New album from The Path Less Traveled Records: OF NOAH

Of Noah
Where Things Grow Without Light
The Path Less Traveled
7 May 2013

Two-man project OF NOAH deliver uncompromising heaviness and introspective layers of drone with WHERE THINGS GROW WITHOUT LIGHT, to be released by THE PATH LESS TRAVELED RECORDS on May 7, 2013. This album is proof that a band does not require bass to sound huge. With just two members creating a percussively heavy sound of guitars and drums, OF NOAH brings a unique sense of dynamics and captivation to the post-metal front. OF NOAH completes this instrumentation with a recipe of hypnotic drum patterns, bleak riffs, minimalistic vocal chants, and delicate drone soundscapes to the effect of drawing in and mesmerizing the listener.

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Of Noah is a sludge/post-metal band from Tbilisi, Georgia.

The band was formed in winter of 2010, out of curiosity and with goal to make something different – in Georgia (country, not U.S state), the music scene is kind of bleak and boring, and band members wanted to make something unique, something alternative.

Initially, Of Noah included bass and vocals too, and after working on new material and booking several local shows band caught attention of fans and local scene due to unconventional (kind of) song structures,  dark, gloomy atmosphere around music and energetic live shows.  Originally Of Noah played more stoner drenched type of sludge, but then, band decided to move on to something more experimental and epic. This caused bass and vocals to leave the band leaving Of Noah in current lineup – guitar/vocals and drums.

Of Noah started to word on first studio demo record in late 2011, inspired by spontaneous train trip around the country the band members took. Demo entitled Where Things Grow Without Light contains two epic length songs, “KP503”, spanning 19 minutes, and “Two Week Silence” – 16 minutes.  The whole creative process took 14 months, and was recorded in 4 days in local studio.

After self-released demo, the band played several shows in the city is planning to do a first tour in spring.

Biko – Guitars, Vocals
Roman – Drums, Percussion




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