Cara Neir/Ramlord – Split (Broken Limbs)

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June 11, 2012
Broken Limbs

Are you a fan of filth and depravity? Dark and encompassing crusty black metal? Then this new split by Texas band Cara Neir and New Hampshire band Ramlord. This split completely destroys and both bands kill every single track. I got my hands on this album the other day and I love it. Definitely year-end list material. Definitely.” – American Aftermath

An intriguing little split release by the promising Broken Limbs imprint, it contrasts the bold, slightly prog-oriented blackened sludge of Dallas, TX’s Cara Neir with the crust sounds of Ramlord. Released both digitally and on cassette, this is well worth checking out.” – MSN

In my opinion this is a great split and I would recommend this to all fans of black metal and crustcore.” – Occult Black Metal Zine

Coming off of stellar reviews for their first LP, Cara Neir have teamed up with blackstench heroes Ramlord to release a split on Broken Limbs Recordings that exemplifies the fusion of the grimy, filthy underbelly of crust punk with the occult-laden isolationist themes of black metal.

“We were approached by Jan of Ramlord to do a split, which we eagerly accepted. We had begun writing our part of the split very early on in the new year and experienced somewhat of a healthy purging of ourselves and our perspective on what we wanted to do. This split served as a fresh start and a way to collaborate our sound with others. “Family Dirge” features Dorian Rainwater of Noisear/Phobia on guitar (oddly enough, the 1st part of this song was almost a Noisear song but they didn’t use it and decided it would fit us instead) and Drew of Lonesummer/Angelcrust serving some backing screams on “Cradled by Apathy”. Though obscure and perhaps even a bit “sardonic” as the lyrics are often referred to, these tracks in particular were written heavily based on actions and personal experiences so that some of our listeners could possibly find a way to reflect and relate to. Musically, we took this as an excellent opportunity to craft a concise piece of material that represents Cara Neir.”
-Garry Brents

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