Amber – Lovesaken

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Amber – Lovesaken LP
May 1, 2013
Halo of Flies
Marburg, Germany
AMBER know how to play a brilliant Sludge/Post-Metal riff to get you right into the mood for despair and destruction then into a brilliant euphoric mood as all great Post-Metal bands should do.” – Sludgelord
Maybe AMBER are the new consent-band for all post-hardcore lovers, metal-heads and post-rock fans. They would absolutely deserve it.” – Miss The Stars
LOVESAKEN, the first full-length from Germany’s post-metal newcomers AMBER, is one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2013 due to the success of the band’s self-titled debut in 2012. HALO OF FLIES has partnered with Arizona’s PROTAGONIST MUSIC and Germany’s NARSHADAA RECORDS to release the album on May 1, 2013. Preorders will begin April 2.
Making enough of an impression to attract the attention of internationally renowned labels on its own merits with one sole EP is no easy feat for any artist. Although female vocalists are no longer resigned to the outskirts of the metal scene, Amber recognizes that its unique post-metal style has given vocalist Anna a place to shine while setting the band apart from the rest:  ”We know there are a lot of bands with female singers rising everywhere, but we haven’t come across many posthardcore/postmetal bands with female vocals yet. For us it doesn’t matter really, we just think that it is worth mentioning as sometimes people don’t know that the person who screams her heart out in our songs is actually a girl!”
700 copies of Lovesaken will be pressed, 300 on black wax, 200 splatter, 100 white, and 100 mint green. Preoders begin April 2, 2013, and orders can be placed through the Halo of Flies and Protagonist Music websites, while European fans are encouraged to order from Narshardaa Records.

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Amber are from Marburg, Germany. The band describes their style as “epic post-rock/posthardcore with heavy sludge parts, deep atmospheric melodies and apocalyptic vocals like Cult of Luna, Envy, or Isis.” Their first EP was self-released in April 2012 and re-released on tape in December 2012 by Halo of Flies Records and Narshardaa Records. The EP is available for free Amber caught the attention of a number of blogs and labels throughout the web, and received reviews by several German music and lfestyle magazines, including the honor of being voted ‘Demo of the Month’ in Visions Magazine.Amber played live in 2012 across Germany and has already shared the stage with bands including The Tidal Sleep, Alpinist, Arktika, Masakari, and Dezafra Ridge. Their new albumLovesaken will come out in May 2013 via Halo of Flies, Protagonist Music and Narshardaa Records. The band is currently planning a UK release tour with the band Acres.Jakob – Drums
Anna – Vocals
Christian – Guitar
Dennis – Guitar
Tobias – Bass  AMBER: