Godstopper – Children are our Future

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Godstopper – Children are our Future
May 2, 2014

When Godstopper appeared on our radar last year, they turned heads. … Maddened and uncaring, Godstopper channels melody through a concentrate of full-blooded sludge.”
Lurker’s Path


With about three years of existence under their belt, Godstopper continues to defy easy categorization while challenging what constitutes “heavy” music, all the while doing so within  accepted (but interesting) song structures. As one reviewer put it, the songs are “a bizarre blend of familiarity and insanity”. Combining influences from jarring noise acts like Unsane and Today is the Day, to the doom and slow movements of bands like YOB, Melvins and Swans, the band manages to take the clamor and bad vibes of those aforementioned and envelop them within the melodic sensibility of alternative bands such as The Pixies and Canadian acts like The Gandharvas. From their demo tape, Empty Crawlspace, to their full-length, What Matters, to last year’s split with Tendril, to their upcoming EP and LP (both planned for release in 2014), the band pits dissonance against consonance, with captivating vocals, stop/start drumbeats and twisting and turning guitar riffs, somehow striking a balance that keeps listeners intently listening.

Keeping a unique stance within Toronto’s underground music scene, Godstopper has played with a diverse range of bands, from noise/jazz legends Oxbow to the blackened shoegaze of Tombs to the postmodern sounds of Ehnahre, sounding like a band influenced by all the aforementioned styles without being totally beholden to any them. Receiving recognition from Aaron Turner of Isis and The Endless Blockade’s Andrew Nolan has also helped to show the band’s broad range of appeal.

Since 2011, Godstopper has played numerous dates in Canada, and has made several outings to the US, playing everywhere from Toronto to Sherbrooke, QC to Norfolk, VA to Brooklyn and back again. This year, the band hopes to make even more of an impact, with plans to tour their upcoming releases in the summer. The band is confident its new music will attract listeners interested in hearing something new; something challenging but that still retains enough familiar vestiges of the past; something with enough heaviness and grit to move people and give them a long-deserved dose of uniqueness and individuality.

Credits: Recorded and mixed by Collin Young at BTown Sound, March 2014
Mastered by Greg Dawson at BWC Studio, April 2014

All songs written by Mike Simpson, performed by:

Miranda Armstrong- Bass
Derek Del Vecchio- Guitar
Adam McGillivray- Guitar
Mike Simpson- Guitar, Vocals

additional guitars by Philip Miles on “Death’s Clothes” and “Hopeful Monologue”



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