Momentum – Herbivore

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Momentum – Herbivore LP
February 26, 2013
Halo of Flies

London, UK

The band is passionate about their beliefs and presenting them in a way that makes sense to them. Whether you agree or not with the lyrical content is a discussion for you to have with yourself and peers, coming to a conclusion that makes sense to you too. But musically above all else, Herbivore is a triumph. Held up to Whetting Occam’s Razor, it’s like night and day – two abjectly different records, but ones still crafted by the same beating hearts of its creators.
– Jonathan Keane, CVLT Nation
” ...This album is fucking phenomenal and if you’re into hardcore a la Early Graves and Trap Them, you need to sink your teeth into Momentum.
– American Aftermath
Hardcore Londoners MOMENTUM will release their second and final album, HERBIVORE, on February 26 through HALO OF FLIES RECORDS. With members of Light Bearer and former members of Fall of Efrafa in its ranks, Momentum’s credibility as a force to be reckoned with is unquestionable.Debut full-length Whetting Occam’s Razor caused a stir in 2011 with its perfect balance of Carl Sagan-influenced philosophy and resonance. Whetting Occam’s Razor can be streamed here. In accordance with its straightforward DIY ethic, the band also made the album available for free download. ”If anything, Momentum have taken a conscious step or two back, to make a record more poised for recklessness and in tune with the hardcore punk that inspired them to begin with it” (CVLT Nation).Acknowledged as “the most direct and belligerent release” the band has been involved in, what Herbivoredelivers is impossible to ignore. Momentum remind us of our own conscience and accountability while packaging their words in layers of musicality, spanning from melodic hardcore to crust and back again. The candidness in which very real nightmares are unveiled is alarmingly refreshing in a society that demands transparency at all costs. Those who open their ears to Momentum’s open letter to the food industry will not be disappointed.As stated by the band:
“Please consider the words we have written, and reflect on the rights of non human animals, their screams are much more significant and deserve much more attention than ours.”
Halo of Flies Records and Forged in Iron will press 500 copies of the album for distribution in North America, including limited red and green vinyl. The European pressing will be available via Alerta Antifascista.
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“Momentum is focused on forwarding ideologies based around animal rights and atheism, the music acts as a conduit for these ideas and reflects our passion and anger.”
Momentum is a DIY melodic hardcore band, a group of friends who came together to play the music that fundamentally changed the course of our lives, reminding us of how our identities were influenced by the words screamed from scratched CDR’s and mix tapes, the idea that the world was suffering beyond the four walls of our suburban middle class bedrooms. It was hardcore punk that, besides how much we loved the music, made us consider our place in the world, and our effect on others, be them human animals or non human animals. We wrote this record over a few months, and recorded, mixed and mastered in four days. It represents our passion and energy, to invoke the bands that brought us here, and the politics that define us.We support the pursuit of a society that considers all life equal, to create a civilisation that adopts the monicker of “civilised” – to treat not only all human animals as equal, but to bestow those rights upon non human animals. To model a society on empathy and respect which will take us beyond this state of play.

Matthew Bunkell: Guitar, piano, voice
Gerfried Ambrosch: Guitar, voice
Olly Stubbs: Bass, voice
Joseph Towns: Drums
Alex CF: Voice, lyrics

Herbivore (2013) [Halo of Flies / Forged in Iron / Alerta Antifascista]
Whetting Occam’s Razor (2011) [Alerta Antifascista / Halo of Flies]