Multiple Truths – No One Wins

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March 14, 2013
Halo of Flies

Chicago, IL

NO ONE WINS, the debut LP from Chicago’s MULTIPLE TRUTHS, will be released on March 14 by HALO OF FLIES RECORDS. Equal parts heavy US hardcore and European melodic punk, No One Wins is a stirring and formidible first record from this midwest outfit. Multiple Truths features former and current members of multiple projects such as Herds, Call Me Lightning, Manipulation, Condenada, Zebras, Permanent Ruin, and more. The ten tracks on No One Wins make up what could possibly be the best punk album of 2013.

“With No One Wins, we knew it was going to be the first time anyone ever heard us. We’ve never played a show, and we didn’t do a demo, so we were very conscious of that. We wanted to make a cohesive record that flowed, and sounded like thought was put into it, not just a bunch of songs. I feel like we accomplished that.”

Halo of Flies Records will press 500 copies of the album, 400 black and 100 on random mixed vinyl.

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Multiple Truths was formed by Justin Wettstein, Lucas Sikorski, and Tim Murphy in early 2011. Justin had been stockpiling songs, and wanted to record and press an LP as a band before performing live. Lucas and Tim joined the fold first, and started practicing in September of that year. Mariam heard about Multiple Truths from a mutual friend, and when talking to Tim and Justin at a show on a visit home to Chicago, was asked to join the band while visiting her hometown, Chicago. With a singer on board and a set plan, Multiple Truths began recording demos as songs came togetherand sent them to Mariam in San Francisco. The band entered Howl Street Recordings in Milwaukee September 2012 with Shane Hochstetler to begin trackingNo One Wins. Mariam recorded vocals at the Atomic Garden recording studio in east Palo Alto, CA in October 2012 with Jack Shirley. The album was mixed at howl street in November, and Jack Shirley mastered at the Atomic Garden in December. Justin pulled double duty, playing drums and guitar on the record, but Shane Hochstetler joined up on drums while tracking at Howl Street. The members of Multiple Truths are former and current members of a number of projects, such as Herds, Manipulation, Condenada, Permanent Ruin, Radar Eyes, Shopping, Canadian Rifle, La Mantra, Call Me Lightning, Zebras, and Hero of a Hundred Fights.