Northless – Valley of Lead


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Northless – Valley of Lead 10″
November 27, 2012
Halo of Flies

Milwaukee, WI

What’s it like to be huge? I’m talkin’ woolly-mammoth-riding-a-humpback-whale-through-Stonehenge huge. I’m talkin’ the kind of mass that overwhelms in the nearly literal sense: to “defeat completely.” The Milwaukee sludge-metal band Northless comes about damn close to this hugeness..

– Lars Gotrich, NPRThis band is undeniably sincere. DIY to the core and pissed off at all of the right things.
– DIY Milwaukee
Spanning noise rock, prog metal and sludge, VALLEY OF LEAD, which will be released by HALO OF FLIES RECORDS on November 27, is NORTHLESS’ most genre-defying album to date. The Milwaukee-based outfit deals in volume: great, shudding washes of sound and texture; pummeling rhythms and intense guitars.
“Valley of Lead is another clear step forward for the sound we’ve worked so hard to expand upon since our inception. I think it shows that we can produce something distinct and fresh sounding, without ignoring our commitment to harsh and heavy sounds. VoL is a great reflection of where we’re at now in terms of melody and dynamics within our songwriting.”Valley of Lead’s title track features vocals by drummer John Gleisner, marking a radical departure from the previous five years of Northless. A flawless Jesus Lizard cover, sure to surprise and delight fans, hardly feels out of place.The three-song record will be released as a 10” on green vinyl, packaged between two pieces of birch, screwed shut and branded, and will include a 10×10” insert and download card.

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Formed in 2007 by Erik Stenglein, Northless is a reaction to the
erosion of the future. Drawing from influences such as Neurosis,
Eyehategod, Drudkh and Khanate, Northless has placed a boot firmly in the realm of sludge and doom.

In Fall 2008 with drummer Dan Opgenorth, Northless recorded 11 songs at Milwaukee’s Howl Street Studios with engineer Shane Hochstetler. Out of this session came the song “Temples Of The Weak”, which was later included on a split 7” with Milwaukee hardcore band Protestant, released by Inkblot Records out of NYC. Six of the remaining songs from that session were used on the 2010 release Leaving The Wolves, released by Halo of Flies records. The first full length album, titled No Quarter for The Damaged, was released in May 2009, also by Halo of Flies records.

After Dan left the band in 2009, Erik turned to Milwaukee instrumental music stalwarts Nicholas Elert (This Specific Dream), John Grant (This Specific Dream) and John Gleisner (Mahogany Throttle) to flesh out the lineup and provide a fuller sound, more bottom end, and greater impact.

Working together, this lineup wrote the eight songs that make up
2011’s Clandestine Abuse (Halo of Flies/Gilead Media) in six months. Recorded once again with Shane at Howl Street, Clandestine Abuse is a documentation of pure, unmitigated hatred of the way things are.

In 2011, John Grant left the band to brew beer, and his place was
taken by Jerry Hauppa (Concentric, Ara), who brings an encyclopedic knowledge of metal and incomparable musicianship to Northless.

In summer 2012, Northless again returned to Howl Street to record the five songs that would become a split LP with Halo of Flies labelmates Light Bearer, as well as the forthcoming Valley of Lead 10”.

Hate. Anger. Pain. Disillusionment. Abuse.

Northless / Light Bearer LP (2012) [Halo of Flies (US & CAN), Moment of Collapse, Alerta Antifascista (EUR)]
Clandestine Abuse (2011) [Halo of Flies / Gilead Media]
Leaving the Wolves EP (2010) [Halo of Flies]
No Quarter for the Damaged EP (2009) [Halo of Flies]
Volume Two (2009) [Inkblot Records]
Northless Demo (2008) [self-released]