Northless – World Keeps Sinking

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Northless – World Keeps Sinking DLP
August 23, 2013
Halo of Flies//Gilead Media

WORLD KEEPS SINKING, the darkest and heaviest album yet from Milwaukee’s NORTHLESS, will be released as a collaboration between Wisconsin labels HALO OF FLIES and GILEAD MEDIA on August 23, 2013. Seven tracks of concentrated aggression and melody make up this expansive DLP that sees Northless surpass us all into a world of their own making.

Northless believes World Keeps Sinking “showcases the heaviness that Northless is known for, along with an expanded palette of tones and timbres heretofore unexplored by the band.” The album was recorded and mixed at Howl Street Studios with Shane Hochstetler and mastered by Carl Saff.

600 copies of World Keeps Sinking will be pressed on 180gram vinyl and distributed by Halo of Flies and Gilead Media: 200 on clear, 400 on black. Each DLP includes a download card.

I’ve heard the rough mixes for the album, and even during this preliminary phase the record blew away all of my expectations. And those expectations were considerable.
– Heathen Harvest

What’s it like to be huge? I’m talkin’ woolly-mammoth-riding-a-humpback-whale-through-Stonehenge huge. I’m talkin’ the kind of mass that overwhelms in the nearly literal sense: to “defeat completely.” The Milwaukee sludge-metal band Northless comes about damn close to this hugeness...”
– NPR 

They sound like mega hate grizzly bears stomping through the woods, seeking prey and not caring what plant life or trees they demolish in the process. I know that sounds like a silly description, but it’s also fitting. 
– Meat Mead Metal  


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Formed in 2007 by Erik Stenglein, Northless is a reaction to the erosion of the future. Drawing from influences such as Neurosis, Eyehategod, Drudkh and Khanate, Northless has placed a boot firmly in the realm of sludge and doom.

In 2013, Northless will release what promises to be their densest, most heartaching piece of music yet, in the form of a double LP called “World Keeps Sinking”. This work will be released in Fall 2013, and promises to showcase the heaviness that Norrthless is known for, along with an expanded showcase of tones heretofore unexplored by the band.

Nick Elert- guitar
John Gleisner- drums
Jerry Hauppa- bass
Erik Stenglein- guitar/vocals

Self-titled demo (2008) [self released]
Split 7” w/ Protestant (2008) [INKBLOT RECORDS]
No Quarter for The Damaged LP (2009) [HALO OF FLIES]
Leaving The Wolves tape (2010) [HALO OF FLIES]
Clandestine Abuse 2xLP (2011) [GILEAD MEDIA/HALO OF FLIES]
Split 12” w/ Light Bearer (2012) [HALO OF FLIES/ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA]
Valley of Lead 10” (2012) [HALO OF FLIES]
Inside Our Darkened Hearts tape compilation [SKELETAL LIGHTNING/ERROR RECORDS]