The Black Birch specializes in the promotion of record labels, independent artists, nonprofits, and animal welfare groups. We are uniquely positioned to market a variety of ideas and projects. The Black Birch builds on its massive network of music and lifestyle industry contacts and widens the net even further. Many of these contacts are in a position to offer their own resources to expand marketing efforts and extend outreach.

The Black Birch blends traditional public relations with digital content marketing to appeal to all markets: national and regional press, online outlets, and social media. Our objectives include furthering the development of a core fan base and exposure from relevant tastemakers. We will also look to create new opportunities to be heard in new settings. The Black Birch focuses on establishing a stronger identity for the client and provide a solid foundation, leading to larger promotions and marketing opportunities.



Branding is key to the success of any small business, whether it be a record label or band. Brand reputation and image is the foundation of company culture and community, a symbol of trust, reliability, and credibility that engages fans and turns one-time customers into lifelong brand loyalists. Through strategy, visuals, and execution, The Black Birch can bring your brand to the next level or help get a brand new startup off the ground.


With a combined wealth of social media management and community management experience, our team will use its knowledge of social media best practices and resources to your advantage. Creating a consistent brand image on all social platforms is crucial, and we offer profile building and design. Beyond setup and guidance, we are equipped to manage up to six social media accounts per client at a time, guaranteeing an agreed-upon amount of content and  updates per day. Powerful analytic tools tell us what works and what doesn’t, breaking down social reach by demographics, engagement, type of content, and optimum timing. Easy to read reports and data will be provided at frequent intervals to document progress. We also create exciting contests using top software programs that are integrated throughout social media for maximum engagement.

Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Vine, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, BlogSpot, Tout, &


Our full label servicing is perfect for independent labels wishing to develop their brand and expand international awareness. We provide ongoing creative consultation, concentrating on fulfilling specific objectives meant to stimulate label growth. In addition to product management and marketing for existing inventory, new label releases are treated with full album campaigns, including digital promo servicing and online and print exposure. If desired, social media development and management is included.


Our album campaigns can be tailored to independent artists or indie to major labels. Pricing on individual releases is completely customized to the type of release, audience size, target reach and the client’s goals. We understand how tough it is for unsigned bands to self-release, and offer flexible pricing and demo packages. An album campaign typically lasts from two to three months and can be combined with tour promotion or album release events. Art, mastering, printing, and pressing referrals are available. We also assist with licensing, physical distribution and e-commerce, creating and managing bandcamp pages, sales, and digital download cards on request.


The Black Birch is fully equipped to assist in the planning, promotion, and execution of one-off events. We also provide tour marketing for North America, Ireland, and the UK, arranging in-store events and targeting local outlets. Flyer design and tour promo graphics available upon request.



Press releases & distribution through select channels, additional fee for targeted distribution through PR Newswire, PRWeb, Pet PR, etc. One-sheets, white papers, promotional copy, blog posts, product descriptions. Artist biographies, press/media kits, digital or EPK, physical for clients who want to get fancy. E-mail marketing and newsletters.


WordPress and BlogSpot design and maintenance. Bandcamp setup and maintenance. Link-building for blogs and websites. Search engine optimization (SEO). Custom graphics, logo design, Photoshop editing.